whoopi completely frustrates elizabeth…

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Every white person old enough to form words has said the word “nigger” at least once (and not necessarily to someone); let’s just get that out of the way. Hasselbeck started crying only because her thought process became utterly disrupted and thrown off track. She feared she had upset Whoopi while discussing a very touchy topic; a topic many white folk like Hasselbeck naturally struggle with. I think most whites consciously attempt to make sure that they don’t say something offensive when talking about race with non-whites, and this conscious self-editing can lead to frustration and tears.

The remedy for this unsettling condition? Listening and understanding, which is exactly what Whoopi was trying to tell Hasselbeck. Every time Whoopi tried to speak, Hasselbeck would try to interrupt her as if what Whoopi was saying simply didn’t matter and didn’t deserve to even be considered. I’m sure Whoopi and I are not the only Black people in America who may feel that conversation with some of our white brothers and sisters is sometimes an exercise in futility and an unwelcome waste of breath; Hasselbeck’s interruptions demonstrated this observation perfectly.

Hasselbeck’s reaction, of course, is to shed tears and play the role of the white child being admonished by a Black motherly figure, then we’re supposed to automatically follow the dictates of our conditioning and feel sorry for poor lil’ ‘Lizabeth. The overly aggressive, angry Black woman made the sweet little white girl cry, shame of her!
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just a few rotten apples

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The way the white-dominated media handles situations like the high-school pregnancy pact by some female students in Massachusetts is always very instructive and eye-opening, especially when it involves some particularly anti-social behavior normally ascribed to people of color.  The white supremacist worldview maintains that the “teen mom” phenomenon is something confined to Black and Brown communities, that this and other social problems are not problems at all within white communities. 

When the illusion of white innocence is disturbed by cases such as the high-school pregnancy pact, white American quickly seeks out psychologists and other professionals to explain it, with the assumption being that this type of behavior is not normal for whites (yet normal for people of color).

The most obvious target of parental blame has fallen on the media, especially movies that seem to add glamour to teen pregnancy.  While this may have an impact on impressionable youth, the media ignores such influences when it comes to dealing with anti-social behavior on the part of youth of color.  Rarely is the psychology behind non-white anti-social behavior discussed when the situation arises, and this tendency to explain away white pathology while allowing non-white pathology to go unexamined has always had a tremendously negative on the psyches of people of color and their self-images.

Those in the media would probably be befuddled as to why the way they fashion their questions and pursue answers to them could be blatantly white supremacist, but such is the nature of racial thinking in the world and the persistence of deep-seated racial biases against people of color that have existed since before the US was founded.



nothing left to say…

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Here is a biting perfomance by Immortal Technique concerning the truth of what really happened on 9/11.  It doesn’t get any plainer than this, my friends.

clinton goes off the deepest end…

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After clearly suggesting that part of her motivation for staying in the already-decided race for the Democratic nomination is that Barack Obama could be assassinated, Hillary Clinton has revealed even more of her callous, cold nature by not even acknowledging she’d made the suggestion.  Instead of apologizing to Obama like any decent person would if they’d made a mistake, HRC decided to apologize to the Kennedy family and blame Obama’s campaign for making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Perhaps characterizing Clinton’s statement as a “mistake” is itself a mistake.  From her non-apology and calculating demeanor, it is clear that she is counting on some form of calamity to catapult her into the nomination.  After thoroughly ripping asunder the nostalgic Clinton mystique from the minds of Black Americans, she rubs salt into the wounds by invoking political assassination (something Black people are all-too familiar with).  Any person of substance would feel ashamed of themselves for wishing harm upon someone in this fashion, but again, this speaks volumes about the Clinton machine and the lengths they’d go to in order to attain victory.

I think MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann broke Hillary off pretty good for her remarks.  Check it out.

“the red pill” movie

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”The Red Pill” is a brief but powerful video that succinctly highlights the unanswered questions about the events of 9/11.  It is an excellent introduction to 9/11 truth for the uninitiated and it even delves into the CIA’s history of regime change and undemocratic actions around the globe.  View it here.

the unrepentant jeremiah wright!

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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s former pastor Jeremiah Wright has been on a publicity tour recently, using his air time to elaborate on the prophetic traditions of the Black church in America and to see if it is possible to calm the jitters of many white Americans.  On Monday, he gave a speech to the National Press Club, a speech which should be required viewing for all pundits in the traditional media.  Wright was eloquent and informative, but he has been pilloried again because he didn’t offer jittery white Americans what it seems they’d been hoping for:  repentance and submission.

The soundbites of Wright’s  “inflammatory” speeches were sliced and diced in order to achieve the effect amongst many white Americans that they have achieved (fear).  Like many white politicians in past elections who’ve faced a Black opponent, Hillary Clinton and John McCain both knew that they could appeal to white fear of Black anger to score points and convince whites to abandon the thought of casting a vote for a person of color.  Even though Wright’s words are not the words or thoughts of Obama, for many white Americans, mere association with Wright is enough to throw Obama under the proverbial bus.

Instead of dropping to his knees and begging the forgiveness of offended white Americans, Wright showed that he is not cowed in the least by all of the hypocritical denunciations of political media pundits who profit from the ratings.  Do his comments hurt Obama’s presidential campaign?  Certainly for white Americans who have been indoctrinated into believing their country is saintly and has done no wrong.  Certainly for white Americans who want to believe that their numerous misdeeds to people of color have gone unnoticed and unfelt. 

John McCain’s courting Christian Zionist and fundamentalist preacher John Hagee is blown off as not newsworthy because the traditional media reflects the perspective of white Americans who seem comfortable with McCain’s association with people who are outright white supremacists.  White supremacists and right-wing religious fanatics aren’t deemed threatening to whites, so McCain’s flirtation with them will never be made the political liability it should be.

Instead of renouncing his “uppitiness” and shutting his mouth, Wright let white America know that he is the real deal, unrepentant and unbowed.  Being true to oneself is the most valuable lessen any human being can learn, even if it threatens to damage political success.





mckinney making some noise!

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Former Democratic congresswoman from Georgia, Cynthia McKinney, is on the threshold of becoming the Green Party presidential nominee in 2008.  I’ve previously endorsed her candidacy after Dennis Kucinich dropped out, and for those of you who are looking for a real alternative to the Obama/Clinton mess, McKinney should fit the bill nicely.