Social Media Commentary

One of my favorite things to do, dating way back to the start of the Internet era, has been to post comments on various political sites in hopes of starting meaningful dialogue with other people and maybe get others to think about some issues differently.

Our corporate-owned media completely whitewashes, omits, and distorts much of the information they are giving to the American public in order to serve the interests of their employers. The Internet and its easy access to information from around the world has been a lifeline for those seeking the full picture, but most Americans still get their information from corporate-owned sources – information which is often blatant propaganda.

I’ll be re-posting some of my comments here on my site along with the relevant article the comment is based on. I’ve had literally thousands of these types of comments over the years and I’ve always wished I had them saved in one place for viewing later. This is the place!


~ by free71 on November 29, 2015.

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