After shooting down a Russian bomber that was attacking ISIS forces in Syria, the Turkish government steadfastly refused to issue an apology for their act of war, a refusal which prompted retaliatory sanctions against them from Russia. Turkey’s president only recent offered a conditional apology, and here are my thoughts on the situation.

Turkey would never have carried out this attack on the Russian plane without a green light from NATO and by association, the US (don’t let American leaders off the hook because they without a doubt encouraged it). Russian attacks are threatening the oil the Turks have been stealing from Iraq and Syria and they hoped their “show of force” against Russia would convince not to attack ISIS oil convoys headed into Turkey.

Erdogan is a thuggish right-wing brute who has been supporting ISIS from day one. If we were really serious about fighting terrorism (and if ISIS is really the threat to us that we’re told it is), then we’d have punished Turkey years ago.

I bet very few people in September 2001 thought we’d ever be rooting for an al-Qa’ida victory in a foreign country (Syria) and trying to “contain” them as they massacre thousands of people now did we? But that’s exactly where we stand today.


~ by free71 on November 29, 2015.

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