domestic terrorists (why are they still here?)

No one should be particularly surprised that Barack Obama’s electoral victory has sparked somewhat of a panic amongst the knuckle-dragging white supremacist cliques in the United States.  It was also not surprising that an alleged plot to assassinate the President-elect has already occurred.

Two young boneheads (Daniel Cowart, 20 and Paul Schlesselman, 18) have been apprehended for plotting to murder 88 Black people and decapitate 14 more, based on some numerological significance of those numbers in white supremacist circles.bonehead  After the Bush regime instituted a so-called “war on terror”, it was obvious that this war did not include the numerous white Christian terrorist groups who have murdered and intimidated people of color and sympathetic whites in this country for centuries.  After the bombing of the Murray building in Oklahoma in 1995, I’d foolishly assumed that the federal government would actually began work to put these thugs out of business for good.  How foolish I was.

The white supremacists are hoping to use Obama’s election as a recruitment tool, and judging from the surge in the sales of weapons, they may find some sympathizers amongst those white people who can’t come to grips with the idea of a Black president.  While Obama has repeatedly stressed his support of second amendment gun rights, those running out to buy weapons at this point have used the excuse that they are afraid Obama is going to confiscate their guns (or make them harder to obtain).  We know better than that.  These guns and bullets are meant for Black people and anyone else who supports Obama’s presidency should something calamitous befall Obama.

How long is this country going to go on allowing these violent groups exist to terrorize and threaten the American public and what sort of justification can be offered for government inaction?  “Terrorism” is a tactic, not a  particular group of people or their religion.  Hopefully Obama will see the need to begin with domestic terrorists if he intends to carry on with a “war on terror”.


~ by free71 on November 10, 2008.

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