whoopi completely frustrates elizabeth…

Every white person old enough to form words has said the word “nigger” at least once (and not necessarily to someone); let’s just get that out of the way. Hasselbeck started crying only because her thought process became utterly disrupted and thrown off track. She feared she had upset Whoopi while discussing a very touchy topic; a topic many white folk like Hasselbeck naturally struggle with. I think most whites consciously attempt to make sure that they don’t say something offensive when talking about race with non-whites, and this conscious self-editing can lead to frustration and tears.

The remedy for this unsettling condition? Listening and understanding, which is exactly what Whoopi was trying to tell Hasselbeck. Every time Whoopi tried to speak, Hasselbeck would try to interrupt her as if what Whoopi was saying simply didn’t matter and didn’t deserve to even be considered. I’m sure Whoopi and I are not the only Black people in America who may feel that conversation with some of our white brothers and sisters is sometimes an exercise in futility and an unwelcome waste of breath; Hasselbeck’s interruptions demonstrated this observation perfectly.

Hasselbeck’s reaction, of course, is to shed tears and play the role of the white child being admonished by a Black motherly figure, then we’re supposed to automatically follow the dictates of our conditioning and feel sorry for poor lil’ ‘Lizabeth. The overly aggressive, angry Black woman made the sweet little white girl cry, shame of her!
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~ by free71 on July 19, 2008.

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