just a few rotten apples

The way the white-dominated media handles situations like the high-school pregnancy pact by some female students in Massachusetts is always very instructive and eye-opening, especially when it involves some particularly anti-social behavior normally ascribed to people of color.  The white supremacist worldview maintains that the “teen mom” phenomenon is something confined to Black and Brown communities, that this and other social problems are not problems at all within white communities. 

When the illusion of white innocence is disturbed by cases such as the high-school pregnancy pact, white American quickly seeks out psychologists and other professionals to explain it, with the assumption being that this type of behavior is not normal for whites (yet normal for people of color).

The most obvious target of parental blame has fallen on the media, especially movies that seem to add glamour to teen pregnancy.  While this may have an impact on impressionable youth, the media ignores such influences when it comes to dealing with anti-social behavior on the part of youth of color.  Rarely is the psychology behind non-white anti-social behavior discussed when the situation arises, and this tendency to explain away white pathology while allowing non-white pathology to go unexamined has always had a tremendously negative on the psyches of people of color and their self-images.

Those in the media would probably be befuddled as to why the way they fashion their questions and pursue answers to them could be blatantly white supremacist, but such is the nature of racial thinking in the world and the persistence of deep-seated racial biases against people of color that have existed since before the US was founded.




~ by free71 on June 22, 2008.

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