clinton goes off the deepest end…

After clearly suggesting that part of her motivation for staying in the already-decided race for the Democratic nomination is that Barack Obama could be assassinated, Hillary Clinton has revealed even more of her callous, cold nature by not even acknowledging she’d made the suggestion.  Instead of apologizing to Obama like any decent person would if they’d made a mistake, HRC decided to apologize to the Kennedy family and blame Obama’s campaign for making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Perhaps characterizing Clinton’s statement as a “mistake” is itself a mistake.  From her non-apology and calculating demeanor, it is clear that she is counting on some form of calamity to catapult her into the nomination.  After thoroughly ripping asunder the nostalgic Clinton mystique from the minds of Black Americans, she rubs salt into the wounds by invoking political assassination (something Black people are all-too familiar with).  Any person of substance would feel ashamed of themselves for wishing harm upon someone in this fashion, but again, this speaks volumes about the Clinton machine and the lengths they’d go to in order to attain victory.

I think MSNBC talking head Keith Olbermann broke Hillary off pretty good for her remarks.  Check it out.


~ by free71 on May 26, 2008.

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