as the pendulum swings…

 (I occasionally take the time to visit some white supremacist websites to start dialogue with some of the beings residing there, and a buddy of mine sent me a link to an article bemoaning the fact that the “white” population of the world is dwindling.  I doubt the site’s “moderator” will post my comment, but I left one anyway!).


“This phenomenon is called survival of the fittest.  Whites have outcompeted the rest of humanity for the last five or six centuries (not a very long time compared to other great civilizations) because whites are inherently prone to violence against people of color.  Whites overcame their physical inferiority to people of color by concentrating the majority of their mental faculties to creating and ameliorating instruments of death, making war and death the primary stimulus to spark collective innovation (you people never fail to investigate the “military application” of any new discovery).

“As a result of this propensity towards violence, whites literally spread themselves around the globe, raping, pillaging, stealing, killing, indoctrinating, threatening, intimidating, and generally being assholes towards people of color.  They sent trillions upon trillions of dollars back to Europe, enriching that area of the globe beyond anything yet encountered.  Yet, we see clearly that white war-making superiority has its disadvantages and limitations, and it is a poor tool being used in white attempts to “level the playing field” with people of color:  It can’t compensate for the fact that whites are being slowly selected out of the gene pool.

“Whites have long been convinced of their own physical inferiority, but you still cling tenaciously to your belief that you are mentally superior (based on your own definition of what intelligence is), and that, you feel, is supposed to be your saving grace, what will ultimately help you survive the onslaught.  If thinking this helps you deal with the stress associated with seeing your phenotype vanish, then by all means, use your illusion.

“There is no political policy that is damning Europe and North America; those white people who believe this are most assuredly trying to fool themselves.  The white-dominated parts of the world will eventually become browner and browner, but this is simply the way Mama Nature intended it to be. 

“In the animal kingdom (and we are all part of it whether you like to look at it that way or not), Nature controls the balance of population growth.  If a particular animal’s offspring is less likely to live to a reproductive age, that animal generally has more offspring.  Some animals lay thousands of eggs or have large litters to compensate for the fact that their offspring are likely to be preyed upon; having more children is Nature’s way of making up for this fact.


“Human action and societal structure has produced marked differences in human birth rates around the globe.  In countries where there is a high mortality rate because of unrest, disease, poverty, war, etc., birth rates are high to compensate for these losses.  There are some African countries in which women typically have eight or more children each, compared to under two in Italy (two is the standard replacement rate:  two parents having two children to “replace” themselves).  Of course whites haved turned their attentions to thwarting the trend of dwindling white populations around the world (cloning, fertility drugs, Viagra, etc.), but they will find that they can’t control everything, that some things are simply meant to be.

“The greatest irony of the legacy of white supremacy over the last several centuries is that white’s hoarding of global wealth plays a large role in whites being out-competed by their darker neighbors.  The wealth whites accrued through constant violence and warfare has caused Mama Nature to adjust your rates of childbirth.  Because your wealth has allowed you greater opportunity to fight hunger, disease and other maladies, your children have a higher probability of surviving to reproductive age, therefore you have less children on average than most of the non-white world.  Your affluence is killing you softly, and other non-white nations (like Japan) who’ve adopted the Western model are also experiencing decling birthrates and an older, grayer population.

“You have no one to blame for this but yourselves.  Centuries of believing in your arrogant fantasies about superiority has done nothing but lead to your own demise as a distinct phenotype.  If you happen to believe in some sort of omnipotent god, you can’t help but believe that this is nothing but poetic and divine justice, that whites are getting what they deserve (a slow death).  Your “death” as a group isn’t occurring through outright killing though.  but through your reabsorption into the rest of humanity through the act of reproduction itself (something every living thing does).

“The world needs a long break from people who call themselves “white”, and I hope I live long enough to see it progress to a significant degree.  You were destined to get phased out, a parasitic and viscious breed of human that terrorized humanity for half a millenia only to be reabsorbed back into the main body of that humanity. 

“If you think it would be better to be dead than to be reabsorbed back into humanity, then you might as well point the gun at your head right now and pull the trigger…”


~ by free71 on December 28, 2007.

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