stop the presses, mckinney for president!!!

I went down this route in 2004, comrade, and I assure you it’s a dead end.  DK admitted that his job during that campaign was to keep people in the Democratic party.  Our goal needs to be a people’s party – a mass movement. Supporting a violent institution like the Dems gets us nowhere. As the 2006 election shows, they’re a permanent cul-de-sac – the Washington Generals of professional politics.”

I’d like to thank “John Brown” from Savage Justice ( for the comments I quote above, and for pointing out that I need to amend my initial endorsement of Dennis Kucinich for next president.  Trust me, Dennis’ heart is in the right place and I agree with most of his political views, but I’ve always been made uneasy with Kucinich’s affiliation to the Democratic Party.  Why hasn’t he (and other progressive Democrats like Barbara Lee, Maxine Waters, John Conyers, etc.) realized that their views are very much at odds with those who actually control the Democratic Party (the DNCers and others who wholeheartedly support the Skull and Bones class).

My thinking is that he’s reluctant to give up the comfortable political infrastructure available to one of the two factions of the United States’ one political party (the Republicrats).  Breaking away from that means he’ll lose access to this infrastructure, a traditional comfort zone, that feeling that he’s on the inside not the out.  He is a good man whom I’m hoping will one day summon the courage to break from his chosen party and help really forge a new path forward.

That said, upon learning that one of my heroes has now thrown her hat into the ring, I most definitely have to express my support for former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney to be president!  As well as bursting at the seams with enthusiasm and courage, she’s unapologetically Black, brimming with pride, and up on all the issues which are prerequisite knowledge for charting a course forward through the mess the Bush regime has made–clearly the ideal candidate in a sea of prevaricating clowns.


~ by free71 on December 22, 2007.

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