just too many babies of color being born (or, fear of a black planet)

If one takes a look at the global push for what is called “population control” and a look at who is generally worried about the growth in population, it wouldn’t take long for one to discern that most of the worriers are from nations with low birth rates (mostly European).  It also wouldn’t take you very long to see that the main target for population control experiments is the African continent. 

“I think many of us don’t appreciate sometimes that after the Second World War, the industrialized world, the United States, Europe, and the rest of the industrialized world, represented 40 percent of the world’s population. We’re now down to 20 percent of the world’s population, and it’s still dropping.”  –David Gergen, editor-at-large of US World News and Report

The above quotation from David Gergen (who’s also a frequently-seen pundit on television news channels) is part of a 1996 interview he did with author Robert Kaplan, who had penned a book called The Ends of the Earth:  The Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century, about the supposed “overpopulation” of African countries and its effects on the environment and the shrinking populations of white-dominated nations.  Gergen notes by his use of the word “we” that he is speaking of white people (and the nations they dominate numerically), and that he’s clearly alarmed by the population trend.

Both Gergen and Kaplan go through great pains during the interview to disguise their white supremacist outlooks on the subject.  Gergen corrects himself when he begins “…you seem to suggest that a place like West Africa, which has only a very thin civili–tradition, I mean, there are many good traditions in West Africa…”, letting slip his racist belief that there has never been “civilization” in West Africa.

Many groups advocating reduction in world population have emerged over the years, and almost all of them locate the problems they see in the non-white world (which is the fastest growing).  They realize that it would be tougher for Western nations to dominate and threaten very large, organized countries and that the traditional locus of global power (“traditional” in the minds of white supremacists) is shifting outside of their influence and control.

The thought that more life on the planet is necessarily bad for the planet is a thougt only someone interested in control would contemplate.  Sure, you hear Westerners preach on and on about being “pro-life”, yet they openly express their fear of life increasing in places that are non-white.  This is what Dr. Marimba Ani, in her classic book “Yurugu” calls a “rhetorical ethic”, i.e., you say it’s your “truth” with no intention of seeing that “truth” through.

There will most assuredly come a time when the Western societies (which have delivered centuries of violence to the non-white regions of the world) fade completely from the world scene, as population trends portend; it is as Mama Nature intended.  I, for one, sincerely doubt that the global, color-based hierarchy (which is primary under the white supremacy paradigm) will have passed at the same time the last “white” person passes. 

Hip-hop legends Public Enemy had it right in their song and album, “Fear of a Black Planet”.  I advise you to get a copy of it as soon as you can…


~ by free71 on December 12, 2007.

One Response to “just too many babies of color being born (or, fear of a black planet)”

  1. Right on for the darkness my damie. They can’t stop the inevitable. They can only try and suffer in angst. They WILL take a lot of US with them but there is no way they can take all of us and once they are gone we can repopulate the planet the way it was intended. I’m assuming whitey leaves anything because he does have an obsession with death and destruction that may leave nothing but desert for any of us.

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