the temptress

She wore and carried her beauty with the flair and light

of fairytale pixies/feet floating in a mist, slightly above the ground

Wrapping you in a cocoon of chanting will-o-wisps/lose your breath

and succumb to the soothing call of the siren.

Stare deep (if you dare!) into those gorgeous eyes, laying bare

every emotion within you that has been hidden/

let your lips ease the passage of the intoxicating words

longing to free themselves from the jealous embrace of your heart.

Visualize/recognize the brilliance, absorbing the euphoric dust

from her seething and hungry aura/accept your subjugation and helplessness

Like sleep, enjoy the feeling of just letting go

and let the temptress work her wonderful magic…

-C. Shawn Freeman



~ by free71 on November 29, 2007.

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