the coming US militarization of Africa

The Bush regime and its fascist backers are intent on establishing a continent-wide military operation in Africa (Africom), but their efforts are not being made without opposition.  Activists Nicole Lee and Danny Glover of the TransAfrica Forum recently wrote an article about the establishment of Africom in The Nation magazine.


“U.S. Africa Command will better enable the Department of Defense and other elements of the U.S. government to work in concert and with partners to achieve a more stable environment in which political and economic growth can take place.”

Of course the Pentagon realizes that its critics see the truth about their reasons for seeking  establish a stronger military presence on the continent, and the website weakly seeks to answer these concerns.  The above quote is typical, especially the use of the phrase “political and economic growth”, which has everything to do with controlling those aspects of African societies through the use of force (the only way the West knows how to deal with the non-white world).  With the continued instability in the Middle East (an instability which the West has always had a hand in), the US is looking to fortify its claims on other regions that have significant oil reserves at a time when gargantuan countries like China and India are seeking more of the natural resource to fuel their growing economies.

For a continent already soaked through and through with the instruments of death and destruction, the last thing Africa needs is further militarization from Western powers.


~ by free71 on November 12, 2007.

One Response to “the coming US militarization of Africa”

  1. Great blog… I just noticed you added me to your roll and I wanted to stopy by and thank you.

    Fantastic library up top, too!!

    I haven’t seen much about AFRICOM since the announcement of its formation, but they’re no doubt busy stirring up shit wherever they can. Somalia & Ethiopia seem like the favorite targets of late.

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