chamberlain reborn (in the Pelosi Democrats)

bush/hitlerbush/hitlerThe right-wing is accustomed to labeling the Democrats “appeasers” of radical Islamists and other groups of people who are designated as enemies of the United States.  While I’d agree that the current Democratic Party under Pelosi/Reid/Emanuel is indeed engaged in appeasement,  it’s not foreign entities they aim to appease.  They are more directly appeasing the would-be dictator leading the US and his fascist backers who have openly stated that they seek to eventually grant the president (the Fuhrer) absolute power (or something close to it).

It has been duly noted by many mainstream media sources that Cheney has been intent on increasing the power of the president while destroying an constitutional means to check the president’s power.  The neo-con/fascist powers who now control the US government correctly surmised that an event of “catastrophic” proportions like a 9/11 would allow them to implement many of the agenda items to so dearly wanted, and it has thus far worked like a charm.

Since taking the reigns of power in Congress, the Democrats have been embarassing enablers of the fascist Bush regime, continually bending over to give evil a fresh, gaping hole to screw the American people.  When California Democrat Pete Stark recently vented his frustration at the failure of Congress to override Bush’s veto of extending healthcare benefits to more children, Nancy Pelosi comes along and distances herself from his remarks, appeasing the Bush regime and his backers.  The Pelosi-led Congress has consisted appeased the warmongering of Bush, approving war funding while declaring to an angry and impatient constituency that they are trying to stop it.


We shouldn’t be surprised at this cowardly inaction from the Democrats.  Nancy Pelosi made it clear before the elections last November that impeachment was “off the table”, that the Democrats would continue their tradition of ducking under the covers, pretending the fascist hobgoblin in not in the room with them.  Pelosi and her Democratic allies in Congress have all become 21st century Neville Chamberlains.



~ by free71 on October 22, 2007.

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