skeeza does moscow (and gets a cold bear hug)

“In any country, if you don’t have countervailing institutions, the power of any one president is problematic for democratic development.”

The above quote from US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is ironic considering the fact that the ideological engineers of the fascist Bush regime have been steadily advancing their goal of increasing the powers of the president.  She is in Moscow, Russia to talk with Russian president Vladimir Putin, and things haven’t been going smoothly for the American delegation.  Putin immediately chastised Rice and Defense secretary Robert Gates for comtemplating the installation of a “missile defense” system in eastern Europe, and the Russian winds have only gotten colder.

Ms. Rice is beginning to show the wear and tear the stress of being Sec. of State within the worst American administration to every rule the United States.  Her smiles seem to be coming few and far between, and lines are beginning to appear on her once cute face.  I’m thinking she’s also feeling some stress at trying to keep her feelings for the president hidden, but that’s just me and my speculation…

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~ by free71 on October 14, 2007.

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