the US owes reparations to Iraq (kucinich ’08!)

It is common to hear anti-war and left-leaning Americans speak of the financial costs the illegal invasion of Iraq is having on this country and its armed forces as reasons to bring the troops home, but rarely do we hear these politicians mention the toll US barbarism is having on Iraqis as a rationale for removing US forces.

With all due respect to Gold Star families, US troops are legitimate targets in the Iraq theater, so I personally don’t think that is a prime reason for their removal from Iraqi soil.  If you invade and trespass on someone’s property, kill their families, destroy their infrastructure and throw their lives into complete chaos, you are deserving of whatever violent fate the defenders of the invaded country can mete out.  As such, I think those anti-war candidates and activists who mention the loss of US lives in Iraq as the first reason for withdrawal are reflecting a distinct ethno-chauvinism  that places the lives of innocent Iraqis behind the lives of guilty US troops.

According to recent poll results, it is believed that the civilian death toll in Iraq since the start of the US invasion has topped 1 million people.  One million!  Of the politicians currently campaigning for president of the US, Democrat or Republican, I’ve only heard one candidate who believes in justice for the Iraqi people in the form of reparations.  That candidate is Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

As a part of his comprehensive plan to get the US out of Iraq and do justice to the Iraqi people, Kucinich states that…

“…(t)he United States must agree to pay for what we destroyed. An Iraq reconstruction fund, monitored by the UN in cooperation with the Iraqi government, must be annually replenished to replace destroyed infrastructure. The United States must pay reparations to the families of innocent Iraqi civilian noncombatants killed and injured in the conflict.”

I thank Dennis for thinking about the thousands of Iraqis who’ve died either defending their homes, territory and dignity, and those who’ve fallen prey to the killing machine the Bush regime unleashed upon them back in 2003.


~ by free71 on September 24, 2007.

One Response to “the US owes reparations to Iraq (kucinich ’08!)”

  1. I went down this route in 2004, comrade, and I assure you it’s a dead end.

    DK admitted that his job during that campaign was to keep people in the Democratic party.

    Our goal needs to be a people’s party – a mass movement. Supporting a violent institution like the Dems gets us nowhere. As the 2006 election shows, they’re a permanent cul-de-sac – the Washington Generals of professional politics.

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