war critic soldiers dead in iraq? investigate!

Yance Gray and Omar Mora These US soldiers (Yancy Gray on the left, Omar Mora on the right) were two of seven active-duty fighters involved in the illegal Iraq invasion, and they signed their names to a New York Times op-ed which criticized the war.

Apparently, the truck they were riding in turned over, killing both men.  Oh really?  We’re supposed to believe this after the military and elements of the Bush regime lied to everyone about the circumstances around the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman?

I’m thinking there needs to be a closer look at the circumstances surrounding these deaths and not just take the military’s word for it.  Mora’s mother has already stated that she wants to know everything about the deaths, and wonders how so many people can die in a truck that turned over.  We’ll keep an eye open for it.


~ by free71 on September 13, 2007.

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