the jena 6

After initially hearing about what happened to the six young Black men in Jena, Louisiana, I’d suspect that many Black people were not alarmed or shocked in the least (I wasn’t).  This sort of thing happens on a regular basis.  Black people have no chance in a white-dominated “justice” system, and it’s one of the reasons people like myself believe that some degree of official segregation is required to alleviate the racial bias inherent in a system in which Black males are always given the harshest treatment available.

We simply cannot trust the vast majority of white Americans to treat us in an unbiased fashion (even from white folk who aren’t deliberately or consciously trying to be biased), and I use many posts here at my blog pointing this out, especially as it pertains to the criminal justice system which is still wholly infested with white supremacy from top to bottom.  Black Laws and Juries for Black People!


~ by free71 on September 12, 2007.

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