osama and al-Qa’ida: still the CIA’s project

US “arch-nemesis” Osama bin Laden has popped out of his cave once more right in time to help his politically-strained buddies in the Bush regime.  Having been a long-time CIA asset since the US provided him and his mujahadeen support in driving the Soviets out of Afghanistan, it appears that he/they is/are still presently under the protection of US intelligence services (I say “they” because there appears to be a stable of bin Laden’s who pop up depending on what the flavor of the day happens to be).Go to fullsize image

In Osama’s latest video, he looks different once again, this time sporting a black beard instead of the beard speckled with gray (which you see to the left).  This “bin Laden” looks different from his fellow changelings, but he wears one of the traditional bin Laden costume that is apparently kept in the CIA wardrobe department for major video releases (the other is the one with the military fatigues) .  Go to fullsize image

The CIA and the Bush regime think we’re stupid, and they use the mainstream media to throw this fact in our faces on an hourly basis.  After watching the mainstream treatment of the latest bin Laden blockbusters, I didn’t see anyone on the major cable news networks even question whether someone in the government is fucking with our emotions.  Looking at the differences between the bin Ladens to the right, it appears to be the case.

 We haven’t captured bin Laden because he is still under the protection of the CIA.  While I believe there is an actual human being named Osama bin Laden, “he” has become “they” and he appears at the whim of the American fascist leadership to reinforce the al-Qa’ida threat that we are all supposed to be afraid of.  The CIA and Bush neo-fascists are feeding us more propaganda and as willing participants in this dance of deception, the mainstream media outlets go right along with it.


~ by free71 on September 11, 2007.

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