serena gets the barry bonds treatment

“There’s a lot to admire about Serena but this happens again and again where we just have these completely graceless post-match (news conferences). Lucky shots? I think she means winners.”                                                            

–John Wertheim, sr. writer with SI

After Serena Williams’ loss to Belgian rival Justine Henin in the US Open, Serena greeted the media in the post-match gathering to a chilly reception.  She’d just lost 7-6, 6-1 and was upset about the level of her play.  Serena gave the press more honesty and candor than they could swallow by noting, and rightly so, that if she’d played cleaner she would’ve won the match (she made a ton of unforced errors). 

What really pissed the white-dominated sports media off was that she, like Barry Bonds, wasn’t gracious, grinning and showing all of her gums (as is expected of Black athletes) and she spoke from her heart by saying Henin hit a lot of “lucky shots”.  Gasp!  How dare she suggest such a thing?  Doesn’t she realize that “tennis etiquette” requires that you leave the court, sit down at the table, and tell the media the same bullshit everyone does (“Oh, they were just too good today”, etc.) after losing a match?  You may really think you lost the match (as opposed to being beaten), but you’re not supposed to be honest and let the media know what you really think.

So now the white-dominated sports media is going to give Serena the Barry Bonds treatment.  Serena has been labeled the finger-wagging, neck-rolling sista-with-attitude and the sports writers are going to demonize her for speaking her mind. 

Serena and big sister Venus still have trouble being accepted fully by many American tennis fans, even if one of the sisters is playing a high-ranked white rival from another country.  After dispatching Jelena Jankovic Wednesday night, big sis Venus made an extra point in thanking the crowd for their “American support”, a statement she would’ve never made if she’d always felt support from American crowds.

 American tennis fans have never deserved to be represented by the Williams sisters.


~ by free71 on September 6, 2007.

3 Responses to “serena gets the barry bonds treatment”

  1. Such poke-chop arrogance.

    Serena didn’t lose because she didn’t play “cleaner.”

    She lost because her other opponent played better. Or as you might say, “mo betta.”

    As to American acceptance of the Williams sisters, it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with both of them and their daddy being arrogant racist a**es

  2. How could the Williams sisters be racist if both of them prefer “white” men over their own “black” men in the venture of relationships? I think someone needs to get their facts straight, SLAPPY.

  3. What do you mean as “expected by Black athletes”. (You racist prick) if you got your ass whupped on world-wide TV, you wouldn’t have a “kool-aid” smile on your ass either.

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