chris benoit’s brain (and the continued excuses made for white killers)

CNN reported that former professional wrestler Chris Benoit (who strangled his son, his wife and himself) had brain damage from years of concussions which could have contributed to his murder-suicide episode.  As soon as the murder-suicide was made public, white Americans (through its media) immediately began creating excuses for Benoit’s behavior, focussing mainly on his heavy abuse of steroids.

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The Sports Legacy Institute, which is a group that focusses on brain injuries to athletes, released it’s study after having examined samples of Benoit’s brain tissue.  Steroids and concussions may have indeed contributed to Benoit going beserk and killing his family and himself, but the very fact that so much attention has been paid to these contributing factors speaks volumes (again) to how differently white criminals are treated in the US compared to their non-white counterparts.

 I’d pointed out in an earlier post (“the corpse daughters”) that anytime a white person (not necessarily a celebrity either) does something that is severely anti-social, the white-controlled media (and society at large) immediately begins looking for “reasons” behind the misbehavior, with the not-too-subtle, race-based assumption being that since whites don’t normally behave in this fashion, there must be something causing it.

Black and brown criminals aren’t assumed to have underlying mental problems (like depression), their substance abuse problems aren’t considered relevant, the difficulties they’ve faced in life are meaningless, etc.  In a white supremacist society, the anti-social behavior of people of color is considered to be genetically-based, unchangeable, and innate, thus the powers that be (the media and the crimial justice system) ignore these factors.  For white men though, our system is very forgiving and ready to look into any peripheral physical or mental condition that suits the case.

The virus which is white supremacy is so pervasive that it has reached a comfortable symbiosis with those who mostly benefit from it, and a parasitic leeching of soul energy for those it works against…


~ by free71 on September 5, 2007.

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