another charlatan preacher jailed

The year 2004 was a rough one for my immediate family as both of my maternal grandparents passed away.  Both of their eulogies were done by one Rev. John Henry Walker, the 48 year-old pastor of their Charlotte, NC church (Macedonia Baptist) who was recently sentenced to five years in prison for federal tax evasion and bank fraud.


What is most shocking to me is that the congregants at my grandparents’ former church actually gave the now-convicted felon Walker a “vote of confidence” (181-32) in hopes that it would sway the judge to be lenient on this huckster who’d basically stolen up to $160,000 dollars from the church coffers (including medication for his limp phallus).  Apparently, these church-goers are so blind to reality that they would seek someone who’s was robbing them blind.

According to Macedonia’s website, Walker has authored several books, one of which is ironically titled “The Role of the Church in the Reclaiming of the Black Male”.  He was apparently led to “research, document, and expound” upon the condition of the Black male after having his heart “burdened” by the “vanishing of Black males in society”.  I’m sure the good Rev. Dr. wasn’t thinking about his own plight when he authored this particular book, but maybe he should’ve applied what he’d written to himself.

Walker will have ample time to reflect on his sins while he sits behind bars…


~ by free71 on September 3, 2007.

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