michael vick isn’t alone (dogfighting in n. ireland)

Despite the push of white conservatives to paint dogfighting as some new urban (read Black)  phenomenon, let it be known that Michael Vick isn’t alone in participating in this macabre form of entertainment.   Apparently, it’s pretty widespread in Ireland.


~ by free71 on August 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “michael vick isn’t alone (dogfighting in n. ireland)”

  1. Hi, I just stumbled upon your website and it is great, I will bookmark it and visit often.
    My comment on this situation with Mr. Vick is this; dog fighting, cock fighting, bear baiting and other forms of animal torture for betting purposes, were all invented by caucasians. I live in North Carolina and throughout the south, it has always been the caucasians who indulged in this disgusting behavior. When we moved here from California in 1985 they were JUST beginning to crack down on the pervasive dog and cock fighting rings all over the state. It was a sign of “manhood” etc.
    Now, Mr. Vick and his associates did a very stupid thing, but people do stupid things all the time. He is doing the right thing now, the courageous thing and people need to give him credit for that.
    Also, there are lots of people who engage in animal cruelty of one form or another and it is not just about dogfighting. Starvation, beating, being left in the cold or heat without shelter, or even never giving affection to a companion animal all are forms of cruelty.

  2. Thanks for your kind and insightful comments, Jane (and fellow North Carolinian!). I hope you visit here often! I love talking politics with people and this is a good vehicle for it!

    I feel bad for Vick, but I, like anyone who’s not sadistic enough to torture and kill animals, absolutely hate what he did. It just makes me wonder “why, man?” Regardless, he admitted he was involved and he’s ready to pay the price. I just hate to see a brother become successful only to give the racists ammo to shoot him down (oh, there will be a lot of very happy white people after this!). He’s a very talented player and I hope he still has some skills remaining after he’s paid his debt to society.

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