israel deporting africans from darfur

Everybody likes to gang-up on Africans, wherever they may reside around the world.  Israel is apparently deporting some of the Sudanese refugees who fled there trying to escape persecution in their own country.  While it is admirable that Israel is allowing some to stay, for them to deport some and close the door to the rest is hypocritical, especially coming from a nation that pledged to protect victims of genocide.

To add insult to injury, Israeli border guards reported filming two Sudanese being beaten to death by Egyptian police.  The Sudanese who are currently in Egypt have been complaining of discrimination and harsh treatment meted out by the racist Arabs who control this part of Africa. 

Damn.  Africans can’t catch a break anywhere they go, can they?  Two groups constantly at war with each other (Israelis and Arabs) can both agree to despise, reject, and abuse Africans (this may be about the only thing Israelis and Arabs can agree on).

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~ by free71 on August 21, 2007.

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