preparing the lynch mob (bobby cutts, jr. and the legacy of o.j. simpson)

Former Canton police officer Bobby Cutts, Jr. is having a terrible time of things these days.  Seems the mother of one of his children and of his unborn child has gone missing, and he is, innocent or not, being convicted of the court of public opinionMissing Woman

before even being named a suspect in the disappearance.  Police have searched his home several times already, and Cutts has already stated that he’s smart enough to know that he’s a suspect whether it’s officially put that way or not.  Now, here’s where things get really rough for brother Cutts.

Bobby Cutts Jr.’s missing baby mama happens to be a white woman.  Uh-oh.  Here we go with the OJ thing again where white Americans automatically convict a Black man who’s involved romantically with a white woman when that white woman is either missing or dead.  White people even gave convicted murderer Scott Peterson more of the benefit of the doubt (despite his strangely casual behavior) before turning on him and considering him a suspect.

Such a swift judgment by white America should not be surprising to anyone even remotely aware of the white supremacist nature of this society.  Black men have always been convicted, imprisoned, or lynched for the slightest perceived infraction against white women, and time hasn’t changed that at all.

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I guess Bobby Cutt’s Jr. had better be glad we are not still living in the high-days of lynching or he’d probably be hanging from a tree, burned, dismembered, and pictured on the postcards white folks used to send to each other to commemorate their extra-judicial murders.  We’ll see what happens in these days to come…


~ by free71 on June 23, 2007.

28 Responses to “preparing the lynch mob (bobby cutts, jr. and the legacy of o.j. simpson)”

  1. First of all, as a white woman, I would just like to say, I have been praying from day one that Bobby Cutts had nothing to do with this, I pray it turns out to be something the total opposite. I hate to think of the father of her children doing something like that, but you have to think beyond race, statistics show that most missing or murdered pregnant women are taken or killed by the fathers of their children. It has nothing to do with race, its about realism, who else would want her dead, who else would want the baby out of the way, who else would have a motive to do this? Please provide me with these answers, and as for Scott Peterson, I think there is such a connection because he had told Amber Frey his wife had died and he had no children, he told her he wasnt married and she fell in love with him, if you know Bobby Cutts Jr had a website where he did the same thing with the women he met, including Jessie Davis, she thought him to be single and no kids when she met him. I hope and pray we are wrong, I hope shes alive and comes back and says he had nothing to do with this, but I am a realist and regardless if he is black, white or any other race, I have to listen to the facts before I make my opinion, I suggest you do the same. And, btw O.J Simpson is the most guilty man living or dead, and black, the only thing black about O.J. before the murders was the color of his skin, he could have cared less about the black community until he needed it for his defense!!!!!!

  2. You’re right, Valerie. Maybe, unlike in O.J.’s case, there will be some justice this time.

  3. Who was the original poster here? What an absolute moron. Cutts has reportedly confessed to the murder, according to news reports. I suppose somehow it’s still “whitey’s fault”. I’m sick of the racism from the black community. White people bad, black people victim. It’s sickening. I’m waiting for the media to wake up. If they are going to report the false Duke rape case for a year, then they need to at least report the murders in Wisconsin (I believe) where the guys were beaten by a black mob after a traffic accident, one of the two men killed. I caught part of the story on talk radio…nothing seen on the news. Had that been reversed, white’s beating blacks, we’d have 24/7 coverage. Jesse Jackson decrying how such a thing should never happen…but of course, he’ll be absent from this debate since there is no way for him to profit personally from a black on white crime. Racism is alive and well in this country…but it’s coming from the black community, not the white community.

  4. Well, being an african american woman, all this nonsense about the black man being convicted unjustly has just been wasted down the toilet. He did kill her, and enough of black man this, black man that. The man has a mental problem. She had a problem too, whether or not he told her about being married or not. Usually men like this are controlling and exhibit “odd” behavior prior to killing their women. She should have gotten out after the first child. Why stay? It has nothing to do with race…it has everything to do with mental illness and how our society views relationships in general (black or white). It would be interesting if people would grow up and look at teh realities of situations and get out of the past. Sure there is racism…but this is not one of those situations. Not at all. No one asks the real questions…why would a woman stay with any man who has multple children by different women (do they really think they are special?) Should men (or women for that matter) who continually have children and can’t or don’t want to care for them be “fixed”. It seems to me that men who kill their wives and girlfriends who carry their children don’t want the daunting responsibility of fatherhood, or husbandry. PLUS they have mental problems. These and more questions should be discussed, not the normal flap trap of the plight of the black man. Jeez…get off the slave boat for god sake and get a real life.

  5. looks like mr. cutts did it!!

  6. Jim Olson, you are the prototype of the kind of white people I’m talking about in the initial post. The post was about the prejudgments of guilt that have been flowing like water around the media, and the I’m pointing out the essential unfairness of such snap decisions. If the potential defendant happens to be Black, then the presumption is always one of guilt. It has nothing to do with “whitey’s fault”, but white prejudgments of guilt against Black men (the fact that you even use the term “whitey” is instructive enough). Learn to read for understanding before you start blabbering your thin lips, Jim.

    You go on in your post to bring up the requisite names or issues when white folk getting pissy with Black people (Jesse Jackson, Black-on-white violence, “victim”, etc.), reading like the broken phonograph all of you white supremacists seem to be. We can address Jesse Jackson at some other point, but he is not important to this case.

    The beating death to which you’re referring is probably this one ( The guys apparently jumped the curb and ran into a group of women, and the people around didn’t really like it. What more can you say about that?

    There have been many rumors flying around since the announcement of Cutts’ arrest, so what you heard is probably one of them. Let’s see what happens when it goes to court. In the meanwhile, go out back in the shed and get to tying that noose that you’re sure is going to be put to use.

  7. Jesse, the issue is not whether Cutts has “mental problems”, but whether he’s being convicted prior to his trial. You apparently have tried and convicted him yourself since you are jumping the gun by saying “he did kill her”. That was a silly statement made, I presume, in haste.

    My post was not about relationships, but white reaction when a Black male is a potential suspect, specifically when the victim is a white woman. Cutts seems to have been the biggest jerk when it came to dealing honestly with women, so I don’t think that is even up for question at this point. Being a dog has nothing to do with being a murderer; the former is definite, the latter is pending.

    I’d like to get more into issues of relationships in the future though because there’s a lot that can be discussed there (especially Black male/female relationships). Thanks for the comments.

  8. free71 you say “If the potential defendant happens to be Black, then the presumption is always one of guilt”. That presumption runs both ways in the media, as the Duke rape case should have shown you – “rich white kids” can be railroaded by the media too.

    Have you ever considered the fact that there are many cases of black men killing white women – be they girlfiends, mistresses, ex-wifes etc (as this case and the OJ case seem to be) as well as the more random ones that dont get media attention. For instance this one about a Michigan college student:

    Do you deny that black male against white female crime is much more common than white male against black female?

  9. White people even gave convicted murderer Scott Peterson more of the benefit of the doubt (despite his strangely casual behavior) before turning on him and considering him a suspect.

    But the police never considered anyone else as a suspect, and although no evidence of guilt was offered during an extraordinary 5 month trial he was convicted anyway to great public acclaim and is now the poster boy for wife killers despite his innocence.

  10. i am married to a white man. i am black. i am sorry for his three children mostly. i think racism is a political term thrown around too lightly. it seems the woman that died and her mom fully loved the 2 year old bi-racial baby. it just hurts me to believe anybody would hurt a woman 9 months pregnant. i have known abusive men (not me dating personally) but relatives. from the media reports it seems he has all of the qualities including his need to be a tribal king. but the media has always been one sided. the white man that killed his wife and 3 kids, you dont see his picture plastered on every website but you see cutts, jr. i am not saying it is wrong to post the black man but i think we need to have some fairness here. white men kill their women too. and the public needs to be alerted of cutts, jrs; ojs, and white dudes who kill. the media protects the status quo. and it is not controlled overwhelmingly by people of color with money. nevertheless, i want to know who the murderers, rapists, pedophiles, etc are that are black, white, hispanic, asian to better protect my family.

  11. I beg to differ, tbib. When the three lacrosse players were accused, the media’s tone reflected the viewpoint of white society (the dominant perception in this society being that it is an aberration from the norm for affluent white guys to commit a heinous act like rape, especially upon a Black woman who is an exotic dancer). An example had to be made of Nifong to teach a valuable lesson to any would-be prosecutors of rich white guys, so he’s been disbarred, vilified, and ostracized.

    Nifong, to his detriment, thought he could withstand the heat and got badly burned. I refuse to believe that a bunch of drunk white boys didn’t mistreat this Black dancer in one way or another (criminal or not). The media was behind the notion of these boys being innocent the whole time, and you’d be ignorant not to recognize that.

    I haven’t seen any recent statistics on interracial violence, and one story is not going to suffice in proving there’s a widespread epidemic. I think white men killing their own families and white mothers killing their own children are probably both more common than either of the black/white/male/female combinations, but that’s simply my perception…

  12. Free 71,

    You and others like you are more responsible for the demise of the AA community. Personal responsibilty is the number one law of a civil society and necessary to uphold your culture.
    You (luckily a minority in your race) automatically look at race where we (whites) dont. Look at the facts man. Our judicial system should be expected to provide Justice and equality for all.

    NOT , LET BLACKS GET AWAY WITH MURDER BECAUSE THEY ARE PISSED AT WHITES AND CAN’T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. your race will never, ever move ahead as long as peeps like you spew this moronic rant. Be a man, grow up.

  13. Marissa, I nearly fell out of my chair when I read your comments. Whites don’t look at race? Are you being serious or are you being sarcastic? This coming from a group in which race was so prevalent that they segregated everything between “white” and “colored”? And it goes without saying that Black people invariably get the shaft when they are being judged by whites in the judicial system (look at all the old white men who’ve been arrested over the last several years for murders they committed back in the civil rights era).

    This is not Narnia or Middle Earth, Marissa. This is the real world and Black people can either look the devil in the eye and deal with it or walk around as if evertyhing is honky-dory. I, for one, choose to take “personal responsibility” (another code word popular among white supremacists) and address issues of race.

  14. Stupid LIBERALS thought the apeman was innocent. LMFAO.

  15. Bobby Cutts Jr led police to Jesse Davis’ body. THAT IS A FACT!!!! Before anything else is said, know that I was one of the people out searching for her during this past week. I saw her family day in and day out and talked to her dad. The only thing that matters anymore is justice being done. Bobby Cutts Jr, an officer of the law? He took the lives of two innocent people! Jessie Davis SHOULD NOT be on trial! SHE AND CHLOE ARE THE VICTIMS HERE!!!! Black and white should have no part in this! The fact is that a cop with a criminal record killed his girlfriend and his unborn child and lied about it! END OF STORY!!!!

  16. No one talks about the fact that this women was screwing a married man and pregnant with his second child. Also I heard that she was about to be evicted from her home she was renting, so where was her loving family ? They will be all over the tv next for the weeks to come and looking for their ten minutes of fame. Look for them to be writing a book about how great a person she was. Cutts was stupid and she was a whore!

  17. Joni, police haven’t confirmed reports that Cutts led them to Davis’ body. Again, you are jumping the gun here before the man has even been put on trial. The nasty, racist vitriol coming forth from white people around this case has been nothing short of depressing.

    Statements from anonymous people like “Jerome N. Grow” are in abundance and lends credence to what my post claimed. Internet chatrooms are filled with “apeman” comments and other racial stuff like it. Check for yourself.

  18. Hello, I am a white woman and I understand you want to concentrate on white prejudgements of guilt against black men. I first heard about Jessie and her saw her face on the news. My first thought was hmm…. wonder if it’s the husband, boyfriend, etc because statistically that is usually the case but I didn’t just assume this because at that time she could have just taken off on her own.
    Two days later I finally saw a photo of him and my opinion of his guilt or innocence did NOT change at all. It’s not something that even entered my mind. With the lifestyle these people were living there were too many suspects (wife, ex-girlfriends) to assume it was him. That said, I wasn’t surprised when he was arrested like so many before him, not because he’s black, but because this is usually the case.
    I won’t convict/acquit him in my mind until the evidence says I should or shouldn’t, but I think most would agree it’s not looking good for Bobby Cutts. Not because he is black and she is white, but because he possibly killed two people. I don’t think this is a race case but a murder tial.

  19. Those who have posted comments focusing on the race of Jesse Davis and Bobby Cutts, Jr., are naive about the way the newspapers and television choose stories to focus on. Doesn’t it occur to you that “race” titillates in this country and that newspapers and TV may choose one of many murder cases that has a higher “titillation factor”? (Jon Benet Ramsey is not the only little girl murdered the same month she was—but little black girls don’t grab public attention the same way!) The same month in which Cutts killed Davis, a number of other women were also murdered by male partners. Some of these women were also pregnant. Why wasn’t there the same focus on William Wallace who shot his wife and daughter to death the very same week? Hmmmmm, think about it. Doesn’t it seem a little provincial to invoke OJ Simpson and his murder trial that occurred 13 years ago? The parallel to Scott Peterson is much more clearly in synch, since Laci and Jesse were both pregnant, the fetus also died, Peterson and Cutts both imagine themselves as “players,” etc. A more appropriate parallel to OJ Simpson, for example, is not to the unknown Bobby Cutts, but would be other celebrity men accused of murdering female intimates, like Robert Blakely and Phil Specter. Ahem—those guys are white. Why again do you think the media focused on the OJ case when around the country male batterers have murdered their significant others? Because race still titillates! According to one set of statistics I read, 97% of domestic violence murders and intra-racial—-meaning it’s folks of the same races. And for those of you writing about violence against white women by black men, did you ever heard of James Vincent Sullivan, an old white codger who murdered his young black wife in cold blood? If you start googling “man kills wife” or “man kills girlfriend,” you will see that, sadly, Jesse Davis is only one of many victims. Instead of gloating about the race of the folks involved in these tragedies, why not ask, why do men kill women? If you’d like to educate yourself instead of speculating mindlessly about race, check out this helpful website that details a 1996 study on death of women at the hands of their loved ones:

    There are also very interesting statistics on police officers and domestic violence in their own lives. Why not look at this as a multi-dimensioned problem? Comparing Bobby Cutts to OJ Simpson is a little like saying “I visited a city once. And now that I’m in my second city, wow, they both have tall buildings so they must be the same.”

    Understanding what causes male violence toward women is so much more important than damning Bobby Cutts, Jr. Maybe it’s possible we live in a culture that turns a blind eye toward violence against women. Sure, domestic violence can also involve female-on male violence, male-on-male, and female-on-female, but the majority of the time it’s men who abuse women.

    And if you really want to be honest about this, Bobby Cutts’ murder of Jesse Davis was likely a crime of passion–spontaneous and unplanned, with his stupid attempt to cover it up. But consider the fact that Scott Peterson planned in advance to do in Laci so he could be free to play around. Claus von Bulow planned to do in Sonny, etc. Even the law recognizes a difference between pre-meditated murders and crimes of passion. So get off the race thing with Bobby and Jesse.

  20. I can not believe some of the things I have been reading about this situation. I want to focus on the children. I hope and pray that Bobby Cutts children are with people that are talking to them and comforting them. I also hope that in the years to come his children will have some type of relationship. Bobby Cutts older children have lost a father, his youngest son has lost a mother, a sister and now his father..This is a very sad situation there are no winners, all of the families involved have lost something they can never get back, their loved ones.

  21. Alyce, you make some very good points in your comments, and I think the last ones were the most important to address in the long run as a society: men abusing women. I think that this country’s focus on the Arab world and the evolving status of its women since 9/11 has almost blinded many to the fact that American women still face a high probability of being abused by their male companion or acquaintance.
    We live in a very testosterone-driven society (this is why many men feel we have to constantly be at war with something or another), and it’s my hope that women will eventually hold the reins of power in this country (that is in no way an endorsement of Hillary Clinton, who’s just as pro-war as some of her male colleagues!).

  22. The only racist we have here is the composer of the website. Who the hell cares that Bobby Cutts, jr is black??! He is a murderer. Or have you not kept yourself informed that he led police to the body? You are wacko. Why the hell are you standing up for your black “brother” when all he wanted to do was screw white women? All of a sudden you idiots are protecting him. Go ahead, deal your race card. You do it every single time. Pathetic.

  23. Nathalie, I’m not standing up for Bobby Cutts specifically, but for all Black men who are convicted before they are tried in a court of law (which happens in almost every case). I wrote the piece before news came out that he led police to the body (think for second, Nathalie) and every Black man has probably screwed at least one white woman in his lifetime because white women are always trying to get in the Black man’s pants (and a man will usually take it if it’s offered). There’s a lot more to say about this topic, but I’ll save that for later.

    If we don’t remind you white people to hold your judgements until a conviction is acquired, you’d quickly forget the laws you profess to believe in. No Black man should be judged by a white person because of your inherent racial bias. Period.

  24. free71 is right. I am white and I do jump to conclusions about black guilt. But the ironic thing is that I’m right about 97% of the time!

    I guess I need to apologize to the other 3%. Sorry.

  25. Free71, as a proud HISPANIC woman I take offense with you assuming that I am white. If a hispanic “brother” were to commit the same crime as Mr. Cutts is being accused of, I certainly wouldn’t come to his defense just because he & I are of the same race. A murderer is a murderer no matter what the color.

  26. Free71: This case should be a textbook example of why the “player” lifestyle is a no-win situation. I’m convinced that a man has to have zero conscience and definite sociopathic traits to treat women in this manner, refuse responsibility for the children they leave beyond as a result of their behavior, and deal with the stress associated with all the women-juggling.

    Why does our society and pop-culture (music, sports, etc.) glorify the “player”? Where are the “player” parents when their sons exhibit this behavior and the wake of children left behind? Don’t parents realize how dangerous this lifestyle will be? Who is teaching and providing positive role models for the next generation or will the cycle continue?

    It seems to me that this should be the focus for change and where voices should be heard. Deflecting the blame to racisim and allowing the “player” to be the victim simply reinforces this behavior.

  27. […] Michael Vick is being accused of participating in dog-fighting on property he owns, and as with the Bobby Cutts, Jr. case, racist white people are preparing the lynch mob once again before Vick has even had a chance to […]

  28. white people are so stupid sometimes always jumping to conclusions, they are worried about Michael Vick because he killed a dog. So fucking what, there are humans dying every day and a war going on, who the fuck cares about a damn dog!!! And for the record,no I’m not black, I’m asian.

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