barry bonds and an asterisk* (why white america hates him)

San Fran slugger Barry Bonds is getting ever closer to Hank Aaron’s all-time homerun record, and there hasn’t been a day that’s past that you won’t hear sports commentators wondering (for many, hoping) if Bonds’ record will have an asterisk (denoting that his record is illegitimate).  Bonds has never tested positive for steroids or any other illegal performance-enhancing drug, although he testified that he may have used them unknowingly.  With this being the case, what the hell is wrong with white America? 

If you sample the radio airwaves, sports periodicals and the Net, you’ll find an abundance of vitriol coming from white Americans against Mr. Bonds.  Many say they dislike Bonds because he’s a “cheater” (showing once again that Black men are usually assumed guilty and have to prove their innocence) and doesn’t “deserve” the record.  Of course these same white people will seek out Black people who criticize Bonds because they think this will be a shield against charges of racism, but there’s a certain quality to white criticism lacking in Black commentators.  If you take a closer look at many of the comments of whites, you’ll find that a the bottom of it, many don’t like Bonds because he’s not sufficiently deferential to whites (especially those in the media).  Take a look at some of the comments left by readers of American Renaissance (a white supremacist media source), and you’ll see what I mean.

Sports writer Dave Zirin describes this white hate of “uppity” (my term) Black athletes in this article on Counterpunch  ( and he compares the similarity of treatment received by pugilist Jack Johnson, who angered white America by becoming world boxing champion in a sport whites felt they owned.

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Barry Bonds will most definitely break Hank Aaron’s homerun record, and he will do so as a proud Black man who refused to shuffle, scratch, bootlick, and show his teeth all the time to make white America feel comfortable.  You can bet your bottom dollar that many of these same Barry detractors are holding tight to their Barry trading cards and memorabilia to make money off the man theyhate so much later (check eBay once the record is broken!).  Ya gotta love this brother!  GO BARRY!!!


~ by free71 on June 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “barry bonds and an asterisk* (why white america hates him)”

  1. haha wow youre fucking retarded, a black man breaking another black mans record really makes white people angry right? hahaha white america hates barry because barry hates them, saying he doesnt sign for white people and that sports would be nothing without blacks, hes a cheating piece of shit and just cause hes black doesnt mean you have to love him

  2. It’s exactly because he’s Black that he’s being set upon by jealous and envious white men like you (I’m assuming you’re white), so yeah, I’m going to defend him. You epitomize what I’m saying in the article, jerome; thanks for providing me such a timely example.

  3. Good God. Why are you FELLOW black men always jumping to the race card? Get a damn life. It’s not got a damn thing to do with white/black/mexican or anything else. People hate him because he’s a disgrace to the great american game. He’s a cheater. The evidence is there, it’s just not been in court yet because people don’t want to “officially” destroy baseball. The year after he hit 73, he came back 35 pounds LIGHTER. That’s not fat loss…that’s muscle loss. Why muscle loss? Cause he stopped poppin the pills. Get off your fucking Malcolm X kick, this isn’t 1970 anymore…we’re as equal as equal can get.

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