the west crushes democracy, again

Once again, Western powers operating in the Middle East have shown to the world that their overblown rhetoric is just that:  rhetoric.  The Fatah faction (the once-reviled group led by Yassir Arafat) never accepted the fact that the people of the Palestinian territories rejected their corrupt leadership in democratic elections.  Since both Fatah and Westerners both rejected the democratic mandate, they became allies of sorts, with the West imposing crippling sanctions on the people for expressing their democracy.  Fatah then completely sealed any doubts about their corruption when they began accepting aid from their long-time Western enemies.

The coup d’etat they attempted in the Gaza strip failed, and Fatah was basically run out of area, despite the fact that they were being given military and financial assistance from Western meddlers.  Although Israel has marginalized the weak and ineffective Mahmoud Abbas, they are eagerly backing him now as he desolved the unity government with Hamas, set up a new illegitimate government in the West Bank, and promoted the round-up of Hamas officials remaining in the West Bank.  The divide and conquer tactic that Western powers have long used against people of color around the world has once again been proven effective.

Once again, Westerners have actively worked to destroy democracy when it doesn’t suit their wishes.  We’ve seen this attempted several times and fail in Venezuela, and we see that the peoples’ wishes are not respected in any fashion whatsoever in Palestine.  There is no wonder that the West’s power is steadily on the decline, and for the non-Western world, this is a welcome thing.

Meanwhile, Hamas not only offered amnesty to would-be coup conspirators in Fatah, they have also demanded the release of a captured AP journalist, threatening to retrieve him by force if he is not released by the group calling itself the “Army of Islam”.

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~ by free71 on June 18, 2007.

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