obama’s “quiet riots”

During a speech at Hampton University (an HBCU) on June 5, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama suggested that there is a “quiet riot” simmering within the nations’ Black communities, pointing out that the thousands of those displaced by hurricane Katrina are still suffering from wounds that haven’t been seriously addressed.  Obama also referenced the LA rebellion of 1992 after the shocking verdict which freed the four white police officers who visciously beat Black motorist Rodney King nearly to death.

While Obama was correct in his fashion, the “quiet riots” of which he speaks have been going on for quite a while, simmering below the surface waiting for a proper catalyst to light the fuse.  White Americans most likely think Obama is saying there are “sleeper cells” of angry Black people just waiting to burn down their favorite tanning salon (at the behest of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, to be sure); that there is going to be physical destruction and mayhem when Black people lose the ability to supress their inborn inclination for violence aimed at white people.  In fact, take a look at some of the comments posted at American Renaissance (http://www.amren.com/mtnews/archives/2007/06/obama_warns_of.php) and you’ll see a prime example of white paranoia and their perception that Black people are going to invade their communities, rioting and pillaging.

Oddly enough, of the people who were actually killed during the days of the LA rebellion, the overwhelming majority of them were African Americans killed by police officers and shop owners who were supposedly “protecting” their stores by shooting people in the back as they fled.  What made at the headlines at the time though?  The beating of white motorist Reginald Denny.  Again, the focus on this incident emphasizes the point that the news we receive comes mostly from a Eurocentric perspective; in white minds, this was the worst thing to happen during the whole rebellion, and they always fail to mention that it was Black passers-by who rescued Mr. Denny and protected him until help arrived).


~ by free71 on June 10, 2007.

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