u.s. mercenaries, rednecks, and gangsters

One of the signs that many historians point to as signalling the start of the decline of the great Roman empire was its employment of foreign mercenaries to do its imperial bidding.  When the rulers have lost the support of the ruled, killers-for-hire (or as they call them in the US, “private contractors”) are the next step in maintaining imperial domination.  The United States, like the empires which preceded it, is heavily involved in hiring mercenaries, especially since the war in Iraq has totally lost the confidence of the public.

Jeremy Scahill has written a book in which he talks about the largest US-based mercenary group operating in Iraq, Blackwater (http://www.amazon.com/Blackwater-Rise-Worlds-Powerful-Mercenary/dp/1560259795/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/104-5907018-6088728?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1180982710&sr=1-1).  Former viceroy of Iraq, Paul Bremer, signed order 17 on his way out of Iraq in 2004 which basically says that mercenaries weren’t required to follow or obey any laws within the country.  Blackwater uses this as a license to kill.  It is reported that when the Shia gathered to protest peacefully outside the US occupation headquarters in Najaf in 2004, Blackwater mercenaries opened fire on the protesters, calling their victims “fucking niggers” as they reeled off so many shots they had to pause to let their weapons cool.  You can find many video clips on YouTube of these mercenaries and the havoc they are unleashing.  In fact, here’s a link to one in which they are driving around Iraq shooting and killing Iraqi drivers who drive up behind them on the road.  Shocking and sickening shit, folks (http://www.youtube.com/watch?search=&mode=related&v=KZX1odzHdAo).

And this is what one would expect from the mercenary types.  Any black man in the US could describe to you perfectly the types of men who gravtitate towards outfits like Blackwater (who, by the way, are paid a lot more, with tax dollars, than regular soldiersare).  The Soldier of Fortune-reading, gun-loving, white supremacist rednecks who can’t wait to kill Arab “niggers” (note:  anyone who is non-white is a “nigger” to these bastards), and do so gleefully.

If we don’t do something about this soon, Blackwater rednecks could be roaming Black and Latino neighborhoods killing for fun the way they are currently doing in Iraq.  They have already shown up in the US right after the destruction of hurricane Katrina, presumably in order to control all the “niggers” in New Orleans.  Perhaps we should start an effort to inform the warring factions of Crips, Bloods, and MS13 across the country that they all have a much more dangerous enemy than the cats living around the corner…


~ by free71 on June 4, 2007.

2 Responses to “u.s. mercenaries, rednecks, and gangsters”

  1. Did you research this at all?

    The “peaceful protest” involved, among other things, “Demonstrators overwhelm[ing the] terrified occupants [of a car outside the gates], seizing and killing one prisoner on the spot by putting a grenade in his mouth and pulling the pin.” Wash. Post 4/11/04.

    Even if you did have the backstory right about the “video where they drive around shooting,” which you don’t, it was not Blackwater nor even a US company—that is the “Aegis Trophy Video”—Google it.

    Nobody in the Najaf video says “fucking niggers”—did you even watch it? All of the PSC companies are made up of former military guys–white, black, yellow, red—one team, one fight.

    You want to stir up hatred and call the people who protect you “mercenaries,” go for it, Ace. Just try keep your fantasies -SOMEWHAT- in keeping with reality, huh?

  2. U.S, Britain, Blackwater or other Westerners involved in the occupation of Iraq, this is a disgusting video and I’m sure it’s typical of the loose gun mentality of mercenaries and soldiers alike. If it’s not Blackwater thugs, it’s some other group of thugs “protecting my freedoms”.

    It doesn’t matter that demonstrators were “seizing and killing one prisoner on the spot”, who are Westerners to intervene by killing more people (and people not directly involved in “seizing” and “killing”)? These “demonstrators” would not be there if not for Western occupation.

    I didn’t say that the “fucking niggers” comment came from the video (read it again slowly); I was referring to a separate event.

    These guys are fucking mercenaries. Let’s not try to glamorize and sanitize them by calling them “private contractors”. They are common thugs who get away with murder (hitmen, if you will). They aren’t protecting anyone, and from the way those four Blacwater mercenaries were burned, dismembered and hung from the bridge in Iraq, they aren’t doing a particularly good job of protecting themeselves.

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