throwing the bums out (impeachment)

As recently as last October, Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi declared that considerations of impeaching Bush are “off the table” (, as if she’s the only one who can make that determination (and not the people of this country).

If you follow politics at all, you’ll know that politicians will do and say whatever the voting public asks for if they feel it will help them keep their positions of power.  At present, there are a multitude of websites and resources dedicated to seeking the impeachment of Bush and his whole nasty regime, and I’m positive this movement will pick up a whole lot of steam once Republican patience with Bush’s imperialist policies has run out.

We’ve got to get this buffoon and his posse of war criminals out of office and on trial as fast as we can before they totally destroy what’s left of this place.  Check out


~ by free71 on June 3, 2007.

One Response to “throwing the bums out (impeachment)”

  1. Impeach Cheney AND Bush. And Gonzo too. But Cheney first.

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