it’s only terrorism if you’re Muslim

It seems that the US government has been extremely busy infiltrating groups of men whom they claim are plotting acts of terrorism against the US; we’ll call these “sleeper cells”.  Four black men from the Carribean were recently arrested after being accused of wanting to blow up the fuel supply to JFK airport (, and six men of European descent were accused of planning a military assault on Fort Dix (

The only thing these arrests have in common is the religious identity of the alleged planners.  Apparently, terrorism can only be terrorism if it is done by Muslim offenders.  The Bush regime, since the false-flag events of 9/11 and other earlier such attacks, has made a concerted effort to lead the public into believing that “terrorism” and “Muslim” are synonymous, and it seems they’ve succeeded to a great extent (especially with the compliant media which regurgitates government propaganda without question).

Where were the mass arrests and detentions of the mostly white militia movement in the United States after the terrorist bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma in 1995.  Not only did the FBI not seek to wipe out these gung-ho gun freaks, they made a point in stating that they found no evidence of a mass conspiracy to commit terrorism by these groups.  “Homegrown” terrorists have been practicing their crafts on their fellow Americans for decades, but the US government has allowed them to continue to exist.  Black people have an intimate knowledge of terrorism at the hands of KKKers and other white supremacist groups.

Terrorism is terrorism, no matter the religion of the perpetrator.  The US government has always deliberately ignored this truism.


~ by free71 on June 3, 2007.

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