obama’s "wasted"

During a speech this past Sunday (2/11/07), Barack Obama told his audience, while speaking about why he never supported the Iraqi war debacle, that the US troops’ lives had been “wasted”. Reliably, the speaking heads on television immediately began questioning whether he should apologize for using the term “wasted” (as opposed to using something like “lost”). Why should using the word “wasted” arouse anger in some, so much so that they’d request an apology (which Obama ended up providing)? Perhaps because using the word “wasted” emphasizes the unnecessary nature of this war on Iraq and Afghanistan? Maybe “wasted” would sound too insensitive for Gold Star Families?

Obama was speaking off the top of his head and heart (i.e., without script), and he said what he was thinking. He let his true feelings show only to be pushed into apologizing after realizing that as a presidential candidate, he has to make sure he’s not offending anyone. How refreshing it would’ve been if he’d refused to apologize and commenced to explain to those questioning him why he said it! I find Obama’s quickness to apologize and not defend his words bothersome, and he will quickly lose the respect of the people if he continues to back down and play it safe.

As far as the war is concerned, those American soldiers’ lives were and are being “wasted”. There are many pitiful souls out there in the US who still believe that US troops in Iraq are “defending our freedom”. Well, this may be true if your defintion of “freedom” is “maintenance of Western/white supremacy” (which is what the war in Iraq is all about, in a big nutshell). Bush and his neo-con buddies were willing to toss the dice, wagering on the lives of young white, Black, Latino, and Asian men and women, and not winch when any of the chips were lost and removed from the table. The soldiers aren’t thought of as fellow human beings who have families, friends, and loved-ones, but as a mass of fighters ready to die at their flimsy whims. They are viewed as breathing automatons in a three-dimensional game by Bush and his regime, sent off to do what they’re told.

The Americans troops who have died in Iraq did so for a regime possessing no honor whatsoever, men less than the sludge flowing through the sewer of a major metropolis. These dead soldier’s gave their lives to make the lives of the ones still living worse, destroying the stability of the whole region, throwing it into complete and utter chaos. Their lives were indeed, “wasted”. I just wish Barack Obama would have stuck by his guns (and if he doesn’t have any “guns”, he’d better find some; he’ll need them when the race heats up).


~ by free71 on February 13, 2007.

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  1. Word. I just want to add two things about Obama’s pattern of capitulation to the mainstream and the status quo which we all know represent the interest of the corporatocracy.

    Remember when he backed down when he had a tizzy with John McCain? That should’ve been a clue to everyone that this man was an invertebrate.

    Second the fact that he chose that platform to make his announcement was a personal insult to black folk. The public school version version of “his-story” teaches us Lincoln was a black hero. He may have eventually set slaves free, (not all at once as many think), but he was an overt racist and wanted to repatriate the slaves to several African countries. As usual whites were too cheap to pick up the bill so we ended up staying plus many blacks wanted to stay because they were born here. Duh……..

    I won’t even talk about why he chose to make that announcement at the same time the State of the Black Union was taking place. Obama doesn’t think war is bad. He just thinks wars that don’t benefit the American people optimally are bad. The Iraq war is one such war. He’s a neoliberal basically because he supports protecting our “strategic interests”, the famous euphemism for imperialism and hegemony.

    This is a funny clip from the Daily Show talking about Obama. I guess they’re trying to diversify their staff more since whites cannot relate to blacks, Arabs, Hispanics and Asians. Peace.


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