hangman’s noose

Saddam Hussein, the former dictator of Iraq, was hanged recently. None but his closest associates, family members, and local supporters probably felt pity for the guy, but it is clear that justice was not served in any way with the rushed and botched hanging.

Members of the Bush regime were complicit in all of Hussein’s most crimes, particularly those during the eight year war of aggression against Iran (which had just thrown out its own US backed dictator in favor of Khomenei and Islamic rule). The US shipped items to Iraq which were of “dual use”, knowing full well that Hussein could and would use these items as chemical and biological agents. As long as he was using WMD against America’s enemies, his atrocities were accepted. You’ll notice that Hussein was not hanged for using chemical weapons on the Iranians or the Kurds, but for having 148 Shiites killed when an attempt was made on his life. If the US was interested in real justice, they would’ve made Hussein stand trial in the Hague, before the international community so that all of his atrocities could’ve been brought to light. This was not the intention of the kangaroo courts in Iraq which were “Iraqi” in name only.

If Hussein had been allowed to stand trial in the Hague (away from the farcical charade put on by the US in Iraq), American complicity in Hussein’s crimes would’ve been made public (even though they are widely known and acknowledged by many) and American officials would’ve been forced to testify and face the possibility of incarceration. Convicting Hussein of the slaughter of the Shiites was a convenient way for the Americans to avoid drawing unwanted attention on themselves and their approval of Hussein’s murderous tactics during the 80s.

Hussein killed a lot of people and was punished for it, but it only stands to reason that the ones who provided him support should also face punishment. The day of judgment for the American fascists is coming (see “way of the dinosaur” below).

Then there was the immense PR disaster which was Hussein’s execution. Masked executioners led a dignified and calm-looking Saddam to the gallows while some of the witnesses began taunting him by shouting “Muqtada!”. American officials immediately began trying to distance themselves from this fiasco, knowing full well that everyone in the world could see US fingerprints on everything in the execution chamber, knowing full well that the videotaped proceedings (via a cell phone camera) would do nothing to improve the political climate of a land we’ve made a total mess of and have no hope of repairing. The Bush regime has Sick Cheney as its main gunner, and he’s continually shooting them in their collective feet.


~ by free71 on January 4, 2007.

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