the way of the dinosaur

It looks as if all the neo-conservatives (which is a chic way of saying “fascist” in the 21st century) have all tucked their tails between their collective legs and gone into hiding. (

After seeing their grand plans for the Middle East and the world crumble before their eyes, they’ve begun to try and distance themselves from the Bush regime by saying that their strategy was good, but that the “execution” of their strategy was faulty. This is a not-so veiled way of blaming the fiasco of Iraq directly on the military personnel who have been sent to do their dirty work, and the mainstream media and its pundits have let the fascists get away with blaming the troops. Where is the outrage?

Bill Kristol, arch neo-con and former spokesman of the fascist cause in the media, was recently on the Jon Stewart show blaming the US troops for failing to “execute” their wars properly, and Stewart failed to challenge him on it (though Stewart did give him a little hell). Richard Perle and others have also sought to lay blame for the United States’ impending defeat in Iraq on the soldiers themselves, yet none of the people dealing with these guys is pointing out that they are basically blaming the soldiers for messing up.

Meanwhile, the PNAC has faded into obscurity and its members are hoping to slink away from the scene of the crime unnoticed and unchallenged. It’s up to concerned Americans who want to make sure fascism is dead to pursue and hound these vagabonds until they are held to account for all the evil their policies unleashed upon millions of people since the Bush regime took over. If we could only get rid of those weak-kneed Democrats like Pelosi and Reid…


~ by free71 on December 25, 2006.

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