the snowball effect

(This is a comment I posted on recently. I mentioned the “Loose Change” video while commenting there recently and, lo and behold, they post an article talking about it. ( This was my response to this article.

Wow. I’m surprised the comment section on this topic is so small (this article should’ve been the headliner for the weekend, David & Co.)! Hopefully everyone will eventually stray to this article at some point over the weekend and decide to make remarks concerning a topic all Americans should care about.

I discovered “Loose Change” after my band member brought it to me and told me I needed to see it. Since he’s never been that particularly interested in politics (only playing the strings off his guitar!), I was a little surprised when I saw it was about 9/11 and the questions about it that are still lingering unanswered in the minds of many Americans. After watching the video, we launched into a discussion of politics (something I love to do), and I got to lay some of my thoughts about it on him and he laid some on me. I asked him where he came across the video, and he told me it was given to him by someone at the barbershop (which has always been a great meeting ground for black men to discuss the issues). To me, it was cool that he received the video in this fashion because it shows that some concrete organizing is being done at the grassroots level to get some new information directly to the people without having it sanitized and filtered through the of the sieve corporate-dominated media.

As I pondered it further, I realized that the dissemination of the questions raised by the video is self-perpetuating and may not require that much direct organizing at all; if you see it, you’re going to tell everyone else you know about it until they see it for themselves. After watching it, you will be surprised (and for me, frightened) at how easy it was for you to accept a 9/11explanation that your eyes and mind told you, at the time of the events (over five years ago), were at least suspicious.

There are many people in America who will remember feeling that “something just isn’t adding up” feeling as the events progressed in the days after the incidents on that September morning. We all can remember where we were and what we were doing when we first heard about what happened. Many people will remember how the Bush regime began implementing their PNAC plans with a wreckless abandon that suggested 9/11 opened a magical door for them (the PNAC actually suggests that it would take a catastrophic event on the scale of Pearl Harbor to catalyze these plans). For these guys, 9/11 was always a “convenient tragedy”.

Now, the thought that our own government would do something this evil to it own people is a thought that many people will feel uncomfortable with, and will probably dismiss serious consideration outright. It is uncomfortable for me, and I’m one who seriously believes the Bush gang of thuggish brutes would definitely harm the US public to implement their plans to cement world domination through military intimidation and force (accepting no rivals). In spite of the discomfort, you will realize that the questions raised by the video are ones that haven’t been answered (and need to be).

The Bush gang has gone after its stated goals and they have unfortunately succeeded in many of these goals (invading and controlling Iraq was a biggy). If they weren’t directly involved in orchestrating 9/11, they sure didn’t mind the blank check we all gave them afterwards.

I don’t care if you’re right-wing, left-wing, up or down, you don’t want to think to that your elected government feels you should be satisfied with their weak official story. I read through the Popular Mechanics website that was supposed to debunk 9/11 myths, and I realized that each “fact” (read: “truth”) they presented raised even deeper questions than the initial “claim” (read: “lie”) did. Two I can instantly recall are the inquiry regarding the presence of airplane debris in front of the Pentagon and the “pancake” theory supposedly explaining the collapse of the towers. After view”Loose Change”, you will find that the PM article simply wasn’t thorough enough, it was unconvincing, and it really came across as very partisan. The others links to “debunking” sites are pretty much the same.

It will hurt nothing to make sure we are being told the truth. If enough people demand answers, the government (which is, remember, supposed to be in the service of its people) will eventually have to respond. In spite of our many partisan political differences, we should all demand better answers than we have been given until we are all completely satisfied that we know what really happened. Let me encourage everyone who views the movie to pass it along to someone else.


~ by free71 on December 9, 2006.

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  1. Be sure to check out the book “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory” due out in March by Dr. David Ray Griffin.

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