controlled demolition (9/11 revisited)

I recently had the opportunity of viewing a disturbing documentary questioning the official government story of 9/11. The video is called “Loose Change” (check out the website at, and it basically consists of replayings of actual news footage and reporting on the day of the attacks (maybe I should put “attacks” in quotations from now on?), along with commentary by scientists, engineers, intellectuals, and many others who say things couldn’t have possibly occurred the way they seemed to have happened that fateful September morning.

Like many others, I remember scratching my head after viewing the videos of the actual collapse of the Twin Towers; something about the collapses seemed a bit too tidy considering the circumstances leading up to it. Although these feelings of suspicion about the collapses was probably fleeting when you take into account the shock value of the attacks, the feelings of something being “not quite right” lingered amongst many Americans (including myself). The new 9/11 truth movement is based entirely on highlighting the impossibilities abundant in the 9/11 story, and strongly suggests that everything is not quite as it may seem.

After viewing the video of the WTC collapses (hundreds of times) and comparative video of other controlled demolitions (in which buildings are deliberately imploded), it is most startling that the American public accepted the government’s tale that super-heated kerosene from the airplanes melted the steel-reinforced structure of the WTC, causing the collapse. The video “Loose Change” presents seemingly irrefutable evidence that the impact of two 757’s caused the collapse of two buildings built to withstand the impact of multiple airliners.

9/11 was a disturbing and traumatic event for the American public, and I feel it caused many of us to look past the big elephant in the room (that the buildings were brought down with explosives). Many people can’t stomach and “conspiracy theories”, but this hardly qualifies as a conspiracy when the evidence is so obvious and plain to see. Many questions still need to be answered by the Bush regime, starting with why they didn’t evenwant to investigate the events surrounding 9/11 at first (one of the biggest and life-changing events in the life span of most Americans’ lives up to this point).

I encourage everyone to look at the video (which can be viewed online as well) with an open mind and weigh the information without a jaundiced eye towards political affiliation. The documentary doesn’t dwell too much on who is responsible if al-Qaida isn’t, but after viewing the documentary’s information on the neo-conservative Project for a New American Century, it’s not hard to draw the obvious conclusions. I’ll get to the neo-cons in future postings…


~ by free71 on November 27, 2006.

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