suited and booted (conscription post-Vietnam)

Harlem representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) plans to reintroduce legislation backing the reinstatement of the military to fight the “war on terror” (, and already you can hear the screams of disgust coming from the right-wing of the political spectrum.

The Bush regime has consistently painted their “war on terror” in religious language, as an epic battle between the forces of good and evil (read, “Christianity vs. Islam”) that must be fought and won to insure the security of future generations of Americans and other Westerners. Bush was universally chastised early on for referring to their upcoming war as a “crusade”, and calling it “Operation Infinite Justice” (terms which lent credence to the Islamic world’s view that the West was intent on intensifying the Crusades of the past). Dick Cheney, the undisputed Lord of Evil, suggests this new Cold War is bound to last decades, and anything less than complete public support would lead to the eventual establishment of a new Islamic caliphate and the forced conversion of all Westerners to Islam. Yet all of this lofty-sounding rhetoric vanishes if it is suggested that every citizen participate in their war with rifle in hand, facing the enemy on their territory.

The wealthy and powerful aren’t particularly fond of getting their hands bloody personally, but are very fond of ordering the less wealthy and powerful to do so. Bush, Cheney, and countless other cheerleaders for unending war have better things to do when they had the opportunity to participate in the Vietnam conflict. The Vietnam fiasco showed the powerful rulers of America that once the public turns against the prosecution of a war, the war itself will end. Reinstating the draft would seriously erode the dwindling support the Bush regime has for their war, and Rangel’s measure will be fought against tooth and nail.

For now, sit back and enjoy the right-wingers excuses for shirking the sacrifices they wish upon others; the back-pedalling is quite hilarious.


~ by free71 on November 18, 2006.

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